Smörgåsbord Saturday

I went to an unusual brunch spot on Saturday with some girlfriends, KuPP. The concept: unlimited Smörgåsbord and drinks for two hours. YASSS!

What is a Smörgåsbord? For those that don’t know, it is a variety of small warm and hot dishes or open sandwiches, usually served on a wooden board. The meal originated in Sweden. There were four boards to choose from, and you could literally have as many as you can eat in two hours. The bottomless drink options are a ‘Skandi Collins’ cocktail, (which is made with Aquavit, a Scandinavian spirit which is made from grain or potato with spices added such as caraway and fennel – delicious) beer, or Bloody Mary.

The boards were a choice of four: veggie, fish, mixed meat (the KuPP board), and a roast board. Our favourites were the fish and the KuPP board.
This is such a great alternative brunch spot, it’s also in a lovely area of London; Little Venice. Somewhere I haven’t explored before. We had a lovely post-brunch walk and Espresso martini (for digestive purposes obviously…)
Yummy Espresso martinis at The Waterway pub on the canal
Post-brunch walk
I think the bottomless brunch is a new feature for KuPP so go check it out, it seemed they were having some small teething problems as service was slightly slow and we did have to ask for a couple of missing items from the boards, but it was worth it and I’m sure they will iron these issues out in time.

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