The poached egg trick

This is a quick trick that has really made my life easier, so although I didn’t come up with the idea I thought I would pass on the knowledge.

When making eggs for more than one person, poached can seem like a bit of a chore as the traditional way of swirling water means you can only really make two eggs at a time (and even then they can look a bit of a mess). With this trick, your eggs look perfect and you can cook as many as will fit in the pan!

Get some cling film, eggs, a mug, a boiling pot of water.

Step 1: Tear off a square of cling film, this needs to be relatively large. Stretch this over the top of the mug loosely, and make a dip gently with your fingers making sure not to rip it.


Step 2: Crack your egg into the dip you have made in the cling film.


Step 3: Gather the clingfilm around the egg and twist the top so none of your egg escapes.


Step 4: When you have done this to as many eggs as you want to cook, add these to a simmering pan for 4-6 minutes (depending on the size of the eggs) for a runny yolk and set white, just cook for longer if you prefer your eggs harder.


Step 5: Take the eggs out of the pan with a slotted spoon. Carefully unwrap the eggs and voila!

Obvs served with avo


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