Simply avocados

I’m not sure anything has ever been as instagrammed as Avocados. So although I don’t like being a sheep, I have to admit that they are something I eat almost daily, so I felt this was a good post to kick off my ‘Kitchen basics’ section. Here are three very simple ways I use them.

This may be stating the obvious but in my opinion this is best kept simple. Avocados, coriander, salt and lime juice. I don’t think anything else is needed. I have Guacamole with everything, Roast chicken, toast, celery, a spoon…

Green breakfast smoothie
With my new beloved Nutribullet I’ve started making smoothies for breakfast every day. I try to have ‘good fats’ in the morning, although this can be tough, so the perfect thing when you’re in a rush is adding avocado to your smoothie (there has been a lot of trial and error with this…) one of my favorite combos is 1/2 avocado, 1 Tbl spoon hemp protein powder, 1/4 cucumber, handful of spinach or kale, 1 small apple (I like using Cox) 1/4 stick of celery, 1/2 lime and a splash of almond or oat milk.

Avocados and sourdough toast is a match made in heaven. Mix the guac recipe above with some chopped feta and add to sourdough toast, fry some kale in a dry pan for 2 minutes and add to the plate-  drizzle with chili oil and serve with some lemon juice on the top. You could also add a poached egg or two.

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