Hemp protein balls

After months of pining for a Nutribullet I finally got one! Juicing is cool n’ all but I was really excited about being able to make protein balls to have after the gym. Today in Broadway market I found the perfect nut butter to make some with:


This ‘Coco Jam’ is like a coconut butter. It’s all natural, salty, sweet and has a slight caramel flavour- bloody lovely. I thought it would be a perfect binding agent for the protein balls.

I decided to use some the Coco Jam with almonds, hemp protein power & chia seeds.


I blended the almonds (about a handful) with a drop of water….

My pretty new kitchen addition

…then mixed them in with two large spoons of the coco jam (you could also use cashew butter or a natural chocolate spread) and two large tablespoons of hemp protein powder.

I decided to buy a plant based protein powder rather than whey protein as I heard hemp protein is much easier for the body to digest. The one I have is from Naturya, it isn’t flavoured, but I’m not planning on having it on its own so for me that doesn’t really matter. I got it from Amazon.

The consistency of the mixture should be quite thick so you can mould into balls- if it’s too thick add some water or almond milk.

Once you have made all of the mix into balls put them in the fridge to set. I dipped some of mine in Chia seeds to add some extra fibre and a kick of energy, but taste wise I think I prefer them without. You could use crushed hazelnuts or cacao nibs for this, I think they would work better.




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